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Get ready for some serious performance.

Updated: May 1, 2023

Take a behind the scenes look into Hemi swapping a Jeep Gladiator at

Wreckless Motorsports.

Jeep Gladiator 392 Engine Bay

Since the release of the Gladiator for the 2020 year model, Jeep's truck model has been a hit. You can't take a short drive without spotting one. They do however have a major downfall. The powertrains offered from Jeep leave a lot to be desired. Wreckless Motorsports can change that with a Hemi swap from AMW4x4!

Choose your power: 505 HP (392) 606 HP (426 Stroker) 707 HP (Supercharged Hellcat) 840 HP (Supercharged Demon)

"The Complete Package"

Jeep packed a lot of features into the JT platform; all of which are retained after the conversion is completed. A swap begins with decoding the VIN for all equipped options such as blind spot, back up sensors, heated seats, and more. As soon as the Jeep arrives at the shop, we pull the ECU and ship it to America's Most Wanted 4x4 to have the original file modified and flashed onto the new TRX PCM which will be the new brain of the operation. Every swap not only looks factory, but performs like it as well.

What's in the crate?

Crate Engine Delivery

A crate engine, quite literally. All of our conversions utilize new Mopar engines and transmissions; backed by a factory 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty on conversion parts.

6.4 392 Hemi Engine

Step 1: All fluids are drained, the front end is disassembled in preparation for body removal. The body is then raised from the chassis to enable the factory engine and transmission to be removed.

Body being removed from Jeep

Step 2: After removal of the original powertrain, the factory engine mounts are removed from the chassis, and custom heavy duty engine mounts are welded in place.

Hemi Motor Mounts Welded in

Step 3: At this time any other chassis work (long arm, coil-over) is performed. The transfer-case gets converted to a higher spline shaft and then mounted to a custom adapter behind the 8HP75 transmission. Then the fun part! Insert Hemi here!

Jeep Gladiator Frame

Step 4: With the new Hemi in the chassis, the exhaust is installed, wires routed, hoses plumbed and the body modified to accept the v8 powertrain. The chassis is then placed back under the body.

Jeep Gladiator Hemi Install

Step 5: Lower the body, reconnect all hoses, wiring. Fill fluids and upload the base tune file.

Jeep Gladiator Tuning

Step 6: After a thorough check, it's go time. The 6.4 has it's initial startup.

Once the coolant system is properly bled, the tuning phase begins. Each conversion is datalogged with multiple tune revisions to ensure factory like drivability with maximum performance. Roughly 50-100 miles are put on the vehicle in different driving conditions before the vehicle is signed off to be released back to the customer.

Step 7: Approximately 40 hours of labor have gone into the 6.4 Hemi swap. Testing has been performed on the vehicle to ensure everything is working optimally. 2 weeks have passed since the drop off date. It's now time to pick up your new Hemi swapped Jeep!

Questions? Learn more here: Hemi Swap Info and pricing Ready to start your swap? Give us a call at 606-485-2383 or Submit the Quote Request Form.

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